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Team Worldwide’s Belief in Customer Value is Uncompromising --

We recognize that our customers choose between different offerings on the basis which is perceived to deliver the most value. Therefore we believe that our business success depends on whether our products and services can deliver the most value and satisfaction to our customers.

While we are proud of our growth and achievement over the years, we feel that it is our focus on the underlying principles of
design, quality, service, and price, which has kept our vision and product as fresh and invigorated as the day we were founded.

Innovative Design
Passion is the word that best captures our fascination and obsession with innovative, high quality design. At Team Worldwide we believe that a good product will sell itself, which is why we have committed a dedicated R&D team to continuously develop break-through products that will connect with the lifestyle of our target consumer in terms of form, function, feature, and usability. Today, the Taipei, Taiwan based company holds over 100 patents worldwide, encompassing over 200 items including products, such as air beds, self-inflating pads, camping mats, pools, water floats and inflatable toys. Our goal is to continue that tradition and prolong our drive to deliver premium products with innovative designs to world-class wholesalers and retailers around the globe.

Total Quality Management
At Team Worldwide we understand that “quality” is the key to any successful long-term partnership. That is why we developed an array of proprietary testing instruments and quality control protocols and integrated them throughout our production processes; it is our way of ensuring the utmost integrity in the quality, durability and functionality of all our manufacturing components and final products.

Furthermore, to provide our customers with the best products without any compromise, we employ a 100% Zero Defect Policy where every single product manufactured by Team Worldwide is individually tested and selected for quality and functionality to ensure that every product meets the specification of the original design before it is shipped out to our customers.

While we are confident in our products and proud of what we have achieved, we are also a firm believer that there will always be room for improvement. That is why we have committed ourselves to the Total Quality Management approach and dedicated a Process Improvement Team to make continuously improvements on our manufacturing and operational processes. It is our goal to stop at nothing other than perfection, and to always maintain the highest level of quality that people have come to expect from our products.

Customer Service Orientation
Always first and foremost, at Team Worldwide “customer service” is not a word so much as a way we think. Although it might sound like a mere marketing catchphrase, every employee at Team Worldwide is trained and motivated to be customer-oriented and taught to differentiate our offerings through superior services. To help achieve that, we integrated our employee reward system with our Customer Service Scorecard System, a performance evaluation system used to measure the customer service level of our employees. Through this integration, our management team is able to reward employees contingent on the customer service level they exhibit. So whether it is educating customers about the nuances of a production process or fulfilling a purchase order, when it comes to customer service, it is our goal to fulfill the vision of “no task is too large or too small”.

Competitive Pricing Strategy
At Team Worldwide, with over 30 years of experience, we have attained extensive knowledge and expertise in designing, developing, promoting and distributing our own products. Armed with this wide-range of in-house skill sets we are able to integrate our distribution system and stretch our supply chain from raw material fabrication to final distribution. Through leveraging these competitive capabilities over each step of our workflow processes, we are able to capture a higher percentage of the supply chain value, and pass on the added values to our business partners. Furthermore, combining the principles of economies of scale and economies of scope, these underlying focuses enables us the capacity to offer the highest value at minimum cost to our customers around the globe.
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