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 Pump Line Definitions: 
  1 Touch Operation
  Product will automatically inflate/deflate with only a flip of a switch.
  Battery Efficient System
  Energy efficient system installed on all our DC operated air pumps, would allow the pump to fully inflate a standard queen sized mattress ?? times without having to replace the batteries.
  Built-in LED
  Built-in LED light for easy lamination when you are navigating in the dark.
  Built-in Pump
  It is a built-in air pump design that is recessed into the bed, so you can easily use it in a bed frame, on a sofa bed, or on a futon.
  Inflation Time (Seconds)
  For manual operated SPS™ pump, it takes 237 strokes to fully inflate a queen sized air mattress.
  For electric powered pump, the number of seconds it takes to fully inflate a queen sized air mattress.
  Manual Deflation
  Option to deflate manually.
  Powered Deflation
  Air pump is electric powered so that it deflates automatically with a turn of a switch, saving you the hassle to try to roll-up and squeeze air out manually.
  Pump Pressure (PSI)
  Maximum allowable pressure inside the air chamber of a standard queen sized air mattress in PSI.
  Reset Indicator
  Indicator light will light up when your air pump is automatically shut-off due to extreme operations. Indicator light will go off again when your air pump has cooled down and reached an optimal operating temperature.
  Thermal Protection System
  A safety feature designed to automatically cut off power supply when the air pump is over heated due to extreme operations.
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